Desmo Times ST Series Peg Lowering Kit - $70.00  



Desmo Times ST Series Peg Lowering Kits - $70


1. How are these brackets made?

The brackets are made out of 1/4" (6mm) stainless steel. They are waterjet cut and then tapped with threads. After the plates are waterjet cut, they are tumbled to give them an even finish and smoothen the edges. Bolts are included to bolt the plates to the frame, plus a longer rear brake pedal adjusting bolt is supplied to lower it if need be.

2. Why were these plates designed?

While ergonomic changes are widely available to most areas of Ducatis, the only way to adjust the footpegs has been to switch to rearsets. This costly option is appealing if one wants to hit the track, but wasn't suitable to my needs. What I needed was something to allow me to stretch out my long legs. These brackets dramatically effect my ability ride long distances on my ST.

3. Will these plates fit my Ducati?

The plates were designed to fit the ST (ST2/ST3/ST4/ST4S-Non-ABS) series of bikes, but I have also placed them on my M900 (that has rearsets on it), and my '92 900SS. A good way of being able to tell if the plates will fit your Ducati is to see how much clearance exists below your footpegs. These plates will drop your footpegs 1"(26mm), so you need that much clearance below the stock footpegs. The plates are designed for frames with 69mm spacing between the footpeg bolts. They are NOT designed for passenger footpegs. Fitment on Monsters will require the use of aftermarket rearsets. My lowering plates won't bolt up to the stock pipe/footpeg hangers.

4. Will I have to make modifications to my bike in order to fit them?

Lowering the footpegs may affect the location of the stock slip ons on ST models. Some owners have had to begin using the lower mount position, while others can still use the upper position. Ducati clearances vary bike to bike. The plates will change the relative angle of the foot to the rear brake lever and the shift lever. I simply adjust the position of both to suit the lower pegs. If you want a billet rear brake pedal for added looks, purchase a Slingshot billet rear brake lever.

5. Will having lower footpegs create cornering clearance problems?

I have never dragged a footpeg on the street. If you are dragging your footpegs through the corners, these plates may not be for you -- you have other problems to address first -- like suspension. These plates were designed for long-leggers like me and have been suitable for aggressive cornering. I have used a set for five years and over 35000 miles without problems. That being said, I also have properly set up suspensions. If your dragging your end cans and/or centerstand, you probably should worry first about correcting your suspension deficiencies.

6. Are the plates strong?

The plates are made out of stainless steel. The 1/4" (6mm) thickness was selected to provide sufficient rigidity to handle the rigors of riding.

7. Why aren't the plates painted to match the frame?

There has been a variety of colors and finishes used on Ducati frames. By providing a raw stainless finish, owners can customize the plates to fit their aesthetic needs. Owners wanting the plates to match the footpegs will probably just leave the plates in their original stainless color. Owners wanting the plates to match the frame can paint them with their favorite can of frame-matched paint.

8. What happens if I purchase the plates and don't like them?

A money back guarantee applies to the plates. If you aren't satisfied with them, you have 60 days to return them for a full refund (the plates must be in an as-new condition).

9. Why won't these pegs fit the ABS versions?

These footpegs can be made to fit the ABS versions if you make the bolt that secures the ABS hose 5mm shorter. This is necessary because the peg lowering plates are thinner than the stock footpegs, and the bolt will thus ride in closer to the rear shock.