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The Daily Desmo is a private forum designed for friends of Desmo Times. Friends of Desmo Times are welcome to reply to the Editorial posts from our board of writers. All content on the Daily Desmo is owned by Desmo Times LLC. Posts to editorials are welcome, subject to the following limitations:

1. If posts are deemed to be instigating, include derogatory comments, or other types of messages that are considered by the owner of the Daily Desmo to be annoying or offensive, the Post will be deleted. Further action may be taken by the owner of Desmo Times to ban future posts by the offender.

2. If a Poster sends unsolicited emails to other members of the forum, the offender will be banned from making future posts to the Daily Desmo. Such emails shall be considered SPAM, regardless of the justification. People sign up to Post because they wish to read information about Ducatis, but their privacy will be upheld. Should you receive emails from anyone other than an Editor of the Daily Desmo, contact me ASAP.

3. If you a competitor of Desmo Times, and wish to read the Editorials, you are welcome. However, competitors are not deemed to be friendly to Desmo Times, and if conditions 1 or 2 are violated above, the offender will be excluded from the right to Post.

Should any of the above situations manifest themselves, the owner of Desmo Times will act with impunity to safeguard the rights held as owners of this Private forum. The above rules are subject to change as unique situations arise.


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